Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Scalia that visited is on the far left. Note that his right index finger is positioned juuuuust perfectly...with a push of the button underneath the right arm of his chair he will trigger the Clarence "Publius" Thomas launch sequence (poor Rehnquist and O'Connor). Posted by Hello

Justice Scalia visited the students at Vanderbilt Law School yesterday. Wait a minute...this is not the Scalia that visited. My apologies, this is the Scalia from the District Court for the Southern District of New York. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I got hit by a van during my first year in law school. This is me eating Jello and watching "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Posted by Hello

This is a picture of my beautiful wife. I think we are in Florida. Posted by Hello

Rory and I go way back. We were both parties to the same lawsuit! Posted by Hello

Photo taken at the Austin City Limits Festival 2004. Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi Allstars. Posted by Hello

See explanation under heading "Alt.Country Lives!" Posted by Hello

Alt.Country Lives!

Last night I went to see the "de-union" tour of Son Volt at the Exit/In in Nashville, TN. I use the term "de-union" because Farrar was the only original member of Son Volt in the lineup (he is the gentleman sitting on the far left of the above album cover). As I was standing around waiting for the show to start I gave a quick glance to my right and saw none other than Ken Coomer! (he is the gentleman sitting in the middle of the above album cover) I though maybe Ken was just here to see his old Uncle Tupelo buddy play some tunes, but he was drumming for Anders Parker (used to front Varnaline). Anders Parker played an electrifying set (which did not include "Northern Lights") and let me know that alt.country was not completely dead just yet.
The Volt came out and played 9 songs off their new album (slated for Mid-May I believe); the songs were great (much more in the line of Son Volt and not nearly as experimental as his solo material.) Jay was, as always, extraordinarily talkative shouting such phrases as, "Hey;" or, "Thanks." It was the kind of verbal intensity that would make Tony Robbins blush. After playing the new material he jumped right into "Loose String." After playing the guts out of that song, Jay smiled and queried, "how about some more songs you guys know?" No sooner had the last syllable rattled around the room, did we hear the opening riff to "Driving the View." A few more songs passed and the first set concluded.
Son Volt was gone for about twenty seconds before they came out for an encore. Noting that there was a capo on the second fret of the acoustic guitar many people started shouting for "Tear Stained Eye;" to which Jay smiled. Just as the goosebumps were beginning to settle back into my arms, I heard the opening riff to what some consider to be the best song ever written, "Windfall." This closed the second set, and what we though was the show. The house lights and music came on, and then flicked off again as Son Volt came out for one more song.
Jay launched into the punk-driven opening to "Communication Breakdown!" This concluded the show.
In a time when Wilco is on MTV and Modest Mouse is the favorite band of fraternities nation-wide, it was great to see that alt.country still lives...remember, too much living is no way to die.

This is a picture of Rory, who, by no fault of his own is my rival blogger. Posted by Hello

The hands in this picture belong to my old roommate Tom Purcell. Tom is in dental school down in Florida. Tom and I worked at Mancino's and this was a grease stain left by a pile of stuft breadsticks. I kid you not, it was the craziest/most totally awesome grease stain I had ever saw (which is why we took numerous photographs, this being the best).
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This is Way Better Than Rory's Blog!

In response to Rory's blog, which would be better titled "What Happens When Dudes Go Camping Together & other Lame Shit," I have created a blog under the pseudonym "MagicWilliams!"

All right, all right, I now realize that my entire name is published at the top of the blog. However, if you wish to address me I respectfully request that you use the title "MagicWilliams" or you will not be responded to (I would also consider accepting "Hoop Jones").